A Perfect Swarm

Emergence of Global Competition within The FinTech Startup Landscape

Idea in Brief

What nobody seems to write about is competition within the global FinTech universe.

For instance, Chinese players such as Tencent are expanding globally to follow Chinese tourists across the globe. TenCent opened offices in Europe to expand WeChat in Europe. Facebook owned WatsApp is expanding into the payments space. Alibaba is expanding Alipay in different countries signaling a global battle of Titans. Each titan has unique and sometimes overlapping network of users.

While each of these players have a different user base, they serve the same needs. This implies a wave of competition and possibly consolodation within the fintech world.

What are Stacks?

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The Fintech Stack

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Alternate Types of Stacks

Because of the high stakes, fintech firms, banks, data aggregators, consumer groups, and regulators are all still figuring out how best to do the connecting. There are a few alternative approaches in operation today, with various advantages and drawbacks.

How the Perfect Swarm Could Play Out

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

User Interface: Enter Augmented Reality (AR)

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Why India Could be the Next Battleground

The most well-funded tech startup in Asia is China’s Didi Chuxing, which has raised $8.6B and is valued at $33.8B.


Concluding Remarks

It would not be unfair to conclude that disruption is a double edged sword.

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