The Hitchhikers Guide To A Brave, New World

A Look At The People and Technologies Reshaping Life

Pierre Chatel Innocenti I

“I predict 30 years from now, the number of smart robots, the smart robot population on this earth will be 10 billion. By that time, human population will be around 10 billion. So here on this earth we will have 10 billion population of mankind and 10 billion population of smart robots. This is the first time on this earth that we live together with 10 billion robots.”

“Every industry that mankind created will be redefined. The medical industry, automobile industry, the information industry of course. Every industry that mankind ever defined and created, even agriculture, will be redefined. Because the tools that we created were inferior to mankind’s brain in the past. Now the tools become smarter than mankind ourselves. The definition of whatever the industry, will be redefined.” — Masayoshi Son, CEO, SoftBank Japan

A is for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Types of AI

Deep Dive Into AIML by Ajit Nazare and Rahul Garg





B is for Beginnings of Life


C is For Computers, Crowd Sourcing And Data

Source: IBM Research

D is for Driverless Cars And Communication

E is for Education Technology

F is for Finance and Economics

G is for Grids, Entertainment and Smart Homes

H is For The Human Condition

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