The Infinite Finite

Vitam Capere or In Finite Time, The Possibilities are Quite Frankly Endless

Abhishek Kothari
2 min readApr 4, 2017

Very few people measure their life in milliseconds. Formula 1 race car drivers, Olympic swimmers and athlethes, automobile engineers, hardware designers are categories of people that do. Imagine, just as John Lennon croons, that you could stretch a second of time into thousand moments and then stretch it out to a month and you can perceive infinity within a finite time. It is just a matter of perception but this way of making the most out of your finite time on earth is incredibly motivational. The good thing is that most people have the time to explore and experience the world. However, there are those that feel that their life is an eternal suspension of pain, sadness and struggle.

There is little we can do about the wheels of Karma turning but to accumulate more good Karma to overcome misfortune. Also, there is no replacement to hard work. It’s true that many people end up getting what they want very fast but life has a funny way of coming full circle. So, strive to be the hardest working person in any endeavour and live for others.

Think of Karma as balancing the books.

Until the good deeds cancel out the bad, there is always a price to pay. It could include being born in a poverty stricken neighborhood or losing all your money very quickly.

Getting an education is the first step towards progress but gifting an education is good Karma for life.

At the early stages of life, it may not be possible to be generous but working towards educating the girl child can be a great conclusion to a blessed life.

Of course, you can choose to emulate Ayrton Senna – a three time Formula One world champion for McLaren before he turned 35. But, Ayrton died at 34. But, did he really die or leave an unending legacy?

Who says charity and hedonistic pursuits don’t go together. You can live a life of material comforts only to realise that your aim has to be higher.

There aren’t too many modern day Forrest Gumps but there are many devoted fathers that pick up a Stratocaster on the side.

This essay is not extolling the virtues of maintaining and sticking to a rigid calendar but rather urges everyone to be strategic with their time. Until someone invents an affordable time machine, last time I checked, we don’t have much of a choice. But, if Leonardo da Vinci is your inspiration and you aspire to be a man or woman of many talents, there is infinity to do so.



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