The Kingdom Of Paper

A Vision Of The World After A Digital Apocalypse

Abhishek Kothari
8 min readJan 6, 2019
Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

I’ve not learned how to draw; I’ve not learned how to draw; What if you die with all of the cameras?

— Lyrics from the song ‘How To Draw/Petrichor’ by 1975, A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships

As unlikely as it may be, indulge me and ask yourself this: how would our world look like if the internet shuts down tomorrow, our cable television doesnt work and we are forced to get rid of our smartphones. Instead, we end up using the phone as it was originally envisioned — to give us a reminder of distance between two loved ones and to talk while imagining what the face at the other end of the line may look like.

We return to an analog world where old school photos are our memories, the written word on a piece of paper our emotions and the absolute pleasure of spending more time with our loved ones our greatest indulgence.

When Steve Jobs was lying in the hospital, he was reminded of a simple truth — all of his money couldn’t buy him good health and the enjoyment of life that good health brings with it. This article uses a story to nudge you to understand that when all else is done, the most



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