Rethinking Disruption

Understanding Change In The $900 BN FinTech Landscape

Hao Wang I

Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive — Andrew S. Grove

1. Introduction

2.The Nature of Disruption

Figure 1: Steven Sinofsky on

3. Responses To Disruption

a) Studying Mega Trends

b) Creating and Updating Frameworks

Figure 2: Illustrative Framework To Analyze The FinTech Landscape. For Discussion Purposes Only

c) Investing in Education

d) Merging With A Rival

e) Collaborating With Competition

f) Collaborating With incumbents

4. Concluding Thoughts: Inertia or Paranoia?

Figure 3: Nature of Digital Disruption by Kelsey Ruppell (

In the end, thinking about most things in life in terms of a natural cycle is the ultimate solution. The catalysts may change but the cycle continues unabated. Cycles are universal and apply as much to disruption as they do to civilizations and human emotions.

Writer @ The Intersection of Finance, Tech & Humanity. Stories of a Global Language: “Money”. Contributor @ Startup Grind, HackerNoon, HBR. Twitter@akothari_mba

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